Fungi Fossicking in Fungal Furrow

A dungeon by T S Vallender.

The following is a mushroom foraging dungeon delve for 3-5 adventurers. It is a hack of Tunnel Mycologists of the Far Realms, which is itself a hack of Tunnel Goons. it is designed to be run using the book Fungi of the Far Realms, and references it extensively.

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A cartoon person with a spear and basket

Fungal Furrow

You hail from a small village on the outskirts of a dank wood in a valley known as Fungal Furrow. Those few who know of this village outside its borders know it only as a source of fine mushrooms, whether edible, magical, medicinal or… for other purposes. Recently there have been rumours that a species of fungi long thought lost has once more been found in the area. Cloaked children have been rumoured around the village at night, seen scurrying off towards the nearby caves - caves that are avoided by the superstitious villagers as the mythical tomb of a giant. You gather now to find the truth in these rumours and put your mycological expertise to the test.

A cartoon person holds a mushroom aloft

Ask your players

A different player should provide each piece of information:

Every player should provide:

The People of the Endless Fungus

The People of the Endless Fungus are two goblinesque creatures, draped in long cloaks. These are the creatures which have been mistaken by the villagers for children while scavenging the village for supplies. They have evolved to live underground, with independently moving ears as large as their face, a snout with two large nostrils and tiny eyes which lay inset behind small sphincters.

They worship the Endless Fungus, believing it to be the largest organism in the world, and the wisest. They seek its fruits, in order to ingest them and discover its truths. They believe (rightly or wrongly) that the mushrooms the adventurers seek are a part of the Endless Fungus. They wish to claim them for themselves and their people, and will protect them from the adventurers

If the adventurers make any relatively loud noises, the People of the Endless Fungus will begin following them, and may be spotted doing so. Otherwise, determine randomly where the party comes upon them. They will only attack if physically threatened or to protect the Forgotten Fungus.


The GM describes the world to the adventurers, who then describe how their characters act.

Action roll: If an action’s success is uncertain, the adventurer rolls 2d6 + a relevant class modifier and a point for any relevant item. If the total equals or exceeds the task’s Difficulty Rating (DR), the task succeeds.

Easy: 8, Moderate: 10, Hard: 12

Damage: For a task that could result in taking or dealing damage (such as combat), the amount of damage taken or dealt is the amount the task’s difficulty is missed or exceeded by. Adventurers die if their HP reaches zero; determine the fungus that grows on their corpse.

Inventory: The number of items you may carry easily is determined by your Inventory Score. Each extra item you carry reduces all Action Rolls by 1.

Healing: Lost HP are regained with a safe night’s rest, by consuming certain fungi or with a first aid kit.

Advancement: When the GM determines an appropriate time to level up, an adventurer adds 1 to a class score and either their HP or Inventory Score.

Character creation: Name your adventurer. Gain 10 HP. Inventory score is 6. Distribute three points between classes and choose three starting items.


Starting items: - Scientific toolset (2 slots) - Camping supplies (2 slots) - Torch - Mushroom basket (holds 12 mushrooms) - 1 day’s rations - Journal & pen - Trowel - Thick gloves - Specimen carry case - First aid kit (2 uses, regain 1 HP) - Lamp - Scissors - Mortar & Pestle

A cartoon person runs, holding a sword and mushroom

Identifying & selling mushrooms

Rarities for fungi mentioned are given as a DR (Difficulty Rating) in parentheses after the name, others should be secretly determined by the GM. Also given is the relevant page number to find the mushroom in Fungi of the Far Realms.

All players who are attempting the identification roll a combined Mycologist check, adding their results together. If they succeed, they correctly identify the mushroom. If they exceed the difficulty by 2 or more, they recall all known details about the fungus. If they miss by 3 or more, they misidentify the fungus. If they correctly “identify” a new to science fungus, they can infer its properties based on their mycological expertise.

When the adventurers return to the village they can sell the mushrooms they have collected. Mushrooms must be sold to the correct buyer - edible mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms and psychoactive mushrooms, for example, each have very different markets. Thus money is lost for each misidentified mushroom and gained for each correctly identified one, according to the table below.

Rarity DR Price (per mushroom)
Common 5–7 1
Uncommon 8–13 10
Rare 13–15 100
New to science 15+ 500

The Forgotten Fungi

The Forgotten Fungi is present in one cave only. On entering a new cave, the GM rolls d666:

Regardless of whether the cave contains the Forgotten Fungi, use your roll to determine a cluster of mushrooms growing visibly in the room. (Feel free to add more at your discretion).

The Forgotten Fungi is DR 15 to identify with certainty, but is too unique to be misidentified.

The Caves of Fungal Furrow

Map of the Caves of Fungal Furrow X

1. Stairway

A series of broad, worn steps lead down into the darkness. There are piles of rubble scattered about where collapse has occurred, increasing as you descend until you have to continue single file between the rubble.

2. Offerings

Piles of refuse lie scattered about the room. A damp, musty smell permeates the air. Something moves among the heaps. Rats?

3. Side Room

The passageway widens here, and across the walls you see the remains of ancient cave paintings.

4. The Root Room

Roots drape from the ceiling here, casting unnerving shadows about the room.

5. Tomb

Immediately you see the immense skeleton here, animated by some unknown magic; the giant whose tomb you disturb? Its body is lit from beneath by a low campfire over which it squats. As your eyes adjust you notice a cauldron lashed with rusting chains to its bones where its belly once was; something bubbles inside as the creature holds it in the flame.

6. Camp

There are two bedrolls here. Between them lie a pile of common mushrooms.

7. Lake

The cave opens into a suddenly vast area, stretching off into the distance. Any meager light you have cannot show you the limits of this space. A few paces in front of you, the floor falls away and an apparently endless underground lake faces you. And occasional plop and splash echoes around the cave.

8. The Mushroom Garden

This ground in this small area seems to be soil rather than the stone present throughout the rest of the caves. It looks like it has tended; the earth is unusually flat and a crude stone trowel lays in one corner.

9. Fairy Circle

You emerge into the wood, the cool air pleasant on your skin. In a clearing in front of you a ring of toadstools stands conspicuously.


This is a hack of Derek Kinsman’s Tunnel Mycologists of the Far Realms, which is itself a hack of Tunnel Goons.

Fungi of the Far Realms is written by Alex Clements and published by the Melsonian Arts Council. Fungi Forricking in Fungal Furrow is an independent publication by T S Vallender and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

The skeleton was inspired by Map Crow’s excellent video Building Better Skeletons.

Fonts used are Raleway and Goudy Bookletter by the wonderful League of Moveable Type.